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The Teacup

Set in the roaring 20’s this speakeasy was abruptly shut down by the local law enforcement. The Teacup made and sold the most amazing Gin you ever tasted. Even though It’s still closed you have waited long enough for a taste of that amazing Gin.  Can you break into the bar, find what you need and get out before the cops show up and arrest you?  

Suitable for participants under the age of 21 as no alcohol is on premise.

Deserted Island

Stranded on a deserted island. How will you survive? How will you summon help?  Will you be rescued, or will they give up trying to find you?  


Framed and incarcerated, you find yourself locked in the well-known and greatly despised, escape proof prison cell. To prove your innocence you must escape or you will be killed before the next head count.

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